FLARE is a full service photography studio that specializes in the creation of incredible wedding imagery and lifestyle portraiture.  Most of my work is shot on location, specifically because the majority of the work over my career has been wedding related.  While I don't utilize a commercial studio space, I've found that shooting on location has worked quite well for both myself and my clients, and when a "studio" look is required, we can do that on location as well.

I shoot with high end professional Canon equipment, and all image work is done in the comfort of my super cool home office.  :)

You can visit the gallery section of this site to get a sneak peek of what some of my work looks like, but for a more up to date look at what I'm doing, be sure to check out my studio website at www.lovetheflare.com.  Work can also be seen on the social media platforms below, so please check things out and shoot me a note if you're interested in getting some amazing images that overflow with your personality.

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